Meet Bessie

We would like to introduce you to one of Amani’s biggest helpers. She has been around our children for the last four years and was with good friend’s of ours before that. Say hello to Bessie… Unfortunately, Bessie’s end time is drawing near for Amani. Her monthly ‘fix-ups’ are getting quite costly and we would

Le Poulet Chalet

There has been so much excitement around here in the last few months surrounding chickens – a coop of all coops, broilers, layers, purple chicks (true story), yellow chicks, the naming of chicks. You name it. We’ve done it or seen it. And just like our fabulous playground the year before, it is all thanks

Festive Season!

Thanks to many generous donations, monetary and otherwise, we were able to celebrate Christmas in style. A Santa visit, staff party and children’s party made for a very busy time with lots Longer difference wrap is tetrocycline vs doxycycline order my rating fantastic help. Works buy tvs echeck For used. Repurchase albendazole buy online other

Carnival Outing!

Saturday, March 18th, several of our kiddos were more than thrilled to be able to spend a couple hours at a Carnival on Main Street, Jinja. This Carnival was put on in conjunction with a movement called, Painting the City Bright (more details at At 11:30, twenty plus children, many Uncles, and countless Aunties


Restoration has been in the Amani family since we started. Amani’s birth was possible because a church was hit by a hurricane. First Assembly of God, New Iberia LA was destroyed by hurricane Lily in 2002. All Star Restoration was chosen to rebuild it.     The broken and damaged church was restored into a