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P.O. Box 1900
Lehigh Acres, Florida 33970
Uganda Admin Office:
Agatha Orena
Amani Social Worker

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good Morning (Evening to you)

    Hope this letter finds you well and full of joy. My name is Deb Rydman and I was given your information by Risa Cranmer. She has highly recommended your ministry as one she believes I would love and would steel my heart.
    I am actually flying to Uganda this coming Tuesday and plan to be there for a couple months. I am planning on visiting many different organizations and ministries while I am out there to see what God is doing and offer any help I can bring. I love Jesus. I love kids. And I love helping and bringing encouragement and energy where it’s needed. All that to say, I would love to come stay and serve alongside of you guys for some time while I’m in Uganda. My schedule is a bit flexible, but I know I’ll be in Rwanda for the beginning of March and then back to Uganda near the end of the month.
    I am 30, single, outgoing, love life, life people and love this crazy adventure God has put me on. I have been a teacher for the past 4 years and God has called me out on a journey the past 8 months of serving him and living life day by day trusting He’ll lead me. So, I’m flying to Uganda because I feel God has lead me to do so, and in the process, am contacting different ministries that have been highly recommended to see where and how I can serve alongside of them. Again, if you could use some extra hands to serve, I am more than willing and able and would love to minister alongside of you.
    Hope to hear back from you soon,
    Deb Rydman

  2. I am the sponsor for our school’s Fellowship of Christian Students club. We are interested in doing a donation drive for Amani Baby Cottage. Would that be ok with you guys? If so, how and where do we mail the items?

  3. Hello Chrissy,
    Thank you very much for thinking of us, we would love that. There are two ways that you can send it to us and whichever is easier for you will work. You can send it to us here in Uganda and it may take 4 weeks-6 months, or you can send it to one of our volunteers and pay for an extra lugguage and it will get here when he or she arrives. Whichever works out for you, you should probably check the cost of shipping and the luggage option and see which one is cheaper for you guys. Thank you very much for thinking of us and for you giving heart.

    Helene Charles
    Business Admin

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