Budondo Kids Club!


Since September 2012 Amani has overseen an outreach in Budondo (approximately 20 mins outside of Jinja) providing  a source of Jesus and Character to any child who wants to attend. Currently the Kids Club is set in the grounds of the local Council every Saturday afternoon with on average 260 children from birth (yes that young!) to 15 years attending. The children walk from the surrounding villages to hear about Jesus through stories and songs, as well as playing games and having fun with peers.

As well as having a great time with the kids on Saturdays, a team goes out two afternoons a week to get to know the community better and, more specifically, the families of our Kids Club children.


There are many areas in and around Jinja that could benefit from such a program so why Budondo?

Over the years a handful of children that have passed through Amani have come from this area. There is a large Muslim prevalence and a whole lot of poverty. While a lot of children that come to Kids Club have a background in Christian churches, they are surrounded by a culture that often times lacks Christ likeness. Our aim is to be a support to both these children and their families, not in a monetary sense, but rather in a relational one. We want to instill character and also be a positive influence that can be spread to even those not attending. It is never too young for our children to begin Matthew 28:19-20!


How can you help?

~ Pray for the children, that they would hear the gospel being preached to them and implement some character changes in their life.
~ Pray that they would be a great example to those around them at home, school and in their village.
~ Pray for the children on the edge, the ones who may decide at any moment this isn’t for them because of the image it portrays to their peers that don’t attend or their family of a different/no faith.
~ Also pray for the leadership team, that they would be encouraged and continue to be focused and enthusiastic. That they would be a positive influence in this area.

While Amani is all about babies, Kids Club goes up to teens. Bibles, clothing, shoes, colored pencils/crayons, small prizes for games and give aways are always welcome!