Sponsor Our Children!

Caring for children is what we do and what we love! As with any children, the costs of feeding, clothing, medical care and general spoiling all add up. Many people support us prayerfully and financially but we would like to give the opportunity for you to sponsor specific children. The fact we are a babies home does make this a little bit more difficult however than other sponsorship programs.
To see who is available for sponsorship visit the Our Children – Stories of Our Children page. The children pictured at the bottom of this page currently do not have any sponsors. We allow multiple sponsors for each child, but some are so popular that they are no longer available for sponsorship!

Bumbo Babes

 ~ Sponsorship is $35 per month and will only be for the children currently in our care. As our aim is to have children in families, biological or otherwise, this can be in the form of a few  months or a few years. The time frame can not be guaranteed, and once a child has been reunited with family, matched with an adoptive family, or transferred to another home, all sponsorship via Amani will cease.
~ If the children are reunited the final payment will be used to purchase necessary items such as a mosquito net, mattress, clothing and/or food. Sponsors will be contacted and given the opportunity to switch to another child or cease altogether. We want to make clear from the outset that we will not coordinate any form of sponsorship once a child has left our care.
 ~ Updates on the children will be given quarterly via email.  Where possible we will purchase personal items for the child you sponsor but most of the sponsorship given will be used evenly among all children. Updates will be given specific to the child you sponsor but as we don’t want any children to feel left out, from time to time you may receive a note or picture from one of our other children also as a thank you!  Please note, we respect our children’s privacy and therefore only basic information and prayer requests will be given – no medical or detailed family history unless specific prayer is needed.
~ We do apologize if a child you sponsor leaves our care soon after you start. It is not our intention for this to happen but of course we are thrilled if it means the child is now with family!
~ Sponsorship can be paid via check to the details on the Donate page (please be ensure to include a note with the name of child sponsored and your email address) or directly via Pushpay below.

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