We welcome volunteers who have a heart to serve!

 Please read all information before contacting us.

 Volunteer FAQs : Questions frequently asked by volunteers

Amani Guest House Information : Guidelines


If you are planning to visit with friends and/or family each person must complete an application. Submit the completed application and the policy’s by email to amanibabycottage@gmail.com. We appreciate receiving applications at least 2 months prior to your intended arrival. Please do not purchase plane tickets until you have been approved as a volunteer.

If you would like to bring a team on a short term trip please contact us at amanibabycottage@gmail.com to find out how you  can best utilize the time spent with us. We like you to have as much time with the kids, but also appreciate the willingness of teams to take part in work projects on our property.

Please scan and  submit the application and policy’s together and send to amanibabycottage@gmail.com

Short Term Volunteer Application

Short Term Volunteer Policy’s

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